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Mental health is all about WELLNESS, not illness!

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Mental health is all about WELLNESS, not illness!

As a term, ‘Mental Health’ is frequently and grossly misunderstood. Rather than being a ‘blanket’ term for all mental health ‘problems’ – the term mental health is actually about wellness.

Mental health comprises how we think, feel and develop within ourselves and our relationships. Ultimately it is all about being HEALTHY and WELL! Healthy socially, healthy cognitively, healthy emotionally. Mental health is all about wellness, NOT illness.

As such, as well as providing support, Call Back Counselling has chosen to advocate a health and wellness company new to Australia.

All natural and sourced from the wild, these products promote health at a cellular level. Repairing and maintaining cells allows our bodies to perform at optimal levels allowing it to do what it does best; sustain life and restore optimal health. What we eat affects our health both physically and mentally, and ingesting healthy, life sustaining foods supports our bodies to function at their peak.

We choose not to advertise the products as we only wish to introduce them to you, offering you the opportunity to check them out for yourself and make your own decision. Personally however, we use them and love them. We have seen amazing results with them in both mental and physical health areas and are therefore willing to advocate them.

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