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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Call Back Counselling.

  • The following are the Terms and Conditions for Call Back Counselling. The terms and conditions, or the ‘agreement’ is regarding the use or access of any person using the online platform of to arrange access to phone counselling services.
  • The platform may be used to facilitate advice to you specifically, or the public generally.
  • By accessing or using in any way, you indicate that you have read the terms and conditions and agree to the correct and proper use of the site, hence are entering into an agreement with the website platform. Users must read this Agreement carefully prior to using the website Should you not agree with or refuse to be bound by the terms and conditions of this site, you must not engage in using the site in any way and refrain from accessing it in any form.
  • The terms “we”, “us”, “our” or the like refer to the owners and directors of the site, its affiliate members and key stake holders.Bottom of Form

1. Use of the Platform

  • You the user confirm that you understand and agree that we are unable to confirm the counsellor qualifications and/or their services. You use the platform of at your own discretion and take responsibility for the discernment of the qualifications and background of the counsellors you choose to engage with.
  • You confirm that you understand and acknowledge that the platform does NOT in any way provide medical or emergency care or advice and does NOT provide any other mental health or professional services.
  • As a platform, is limited to facilitating the link between you requesting access to a counsellor and a counsellor contacting you. It is at your discretion whether or not this platform and the services it links you to are appropriate for your needs.
  • You agree that for some, phone counselling is not a replacement, nor a substitute for face-to-face professional counselling services.
  • You should never make a health or well-being decision based primarily on information provided by Never substitute over the phone or online information and/or services for a face-to-face consultation with a medical practitioner or qualified mental health practitioner. Never cease from seeking additional support from professional services due to information attained from
  • does NOT diagnose, nor will it provide information on treatment drugs or alternatives. Any information such as this perceived to be received from should be totally disregarded.
  • may contain third party content. This may include advertisements to third party content. You understand and agree that has no responsibility nor liability for (but not limited to) third party content or any related products or services. cannot and will not be held liable or responsible for any loss or damage caused by third party content.
  • Agreement with this agreement in the form of these terms and conditions also includes your agreement to the privacy policy as outlined in the platform. This privacy policy is deemed to be part of the terms and conditions of The rules for changes and revision to the privacy policy also apply to the terms and conditions.

2. The Counsellors and Counsellor Services

  • The platform enables you to make arrangements to have a professional counsellor call you and offer you their counselling services over the phone.
  • All counsellors are contractors to the site and are not representatives of the site nor are they employees of the site. We can assume no responsibility for their actions or omissions as a counsellor.
  • We do not guarantee the services of the counsellors and offer no representation or warranty as to the ability of the counsellors contracted to the site.
  • We make no warranty, nor representation as to the effectiveness of the counsellors and whether or not the services you receive you will find relevant, useful, satisfactory or appropriate for your requirements.
  • We do not guarantee determined counsellor qualifications, nor control the quality of the counselling services provided – nor do we guarantee that client and counsellor matchings are appropriate and correct.
  • Whilst we attempt to confirm details, you agree that we do not guarantee the verification of the qualifications and or credentials, nor skills and competency, or the background of any counsellor offering their services at The responsibility remains with you, the client or site user to verify the credentials of any counsellor providing you with their services. It is a strong recommendation from us that you certify details prior to engaging in confidential conferences with them.
  • Your engagement with the services made possible by utilising the site remains strictly between yourself and the counsellor. is not involved in any way, shape or form with the client counsellor relationship.
  • Payments made through are used to pay the counsellor for the services provided. Counsellors may be charged in the form of withholding part of this payment for the operation of No payment for the use of the site will be made by you, the ‘user’ or the ‘client’. All platform use fees will be collected from the contracting counsellors.

3. Further Disclaimer of Warranty

  • By using and engaging with the platform, you understand our position of zero liability with regard to the provision of services, the union of clients and counsellors, the acts and services provided as a result of  use of the platform and agree that any action or claims of any nature cannot be brought against  the platform in any degree. The platform is void of any and all responsibility in any negligence claim resulting from – without limitation – any malpractice and/or misjudgement performed by the counsellors accessed due to use of the platform You hereby release us from any and all causes for action against counsellors who use the platform and any client action arising from use of the platform
  • You acknowledge, confirm and agree that as a platform, disclaims and does not provide any form of guarantee, warranty, representation, recommendation, evaluation or endorsement with respect to any provider or information about them, the services they provide or opinions held against them, or the content on the platform which provides information about them. As a platform, does not validate any legal claims held by either client or counsellor, nor do we validate the safety, security, privacy, appropriateness, availability, legality or quality of the platform, or the services accessed from using the platform.
  • As a platform, is considered ‘as is’ and thus cannot be claimed or demanded against. Using the platform is completely at your own risk and all warranties are fully disclaimed to the complete extent of the law.
  • Over the phone consultations cannot replace face-to-face consultations and you are expected to verify any information provided to you. Relying solely on the connections made from the platform is at your own risk and liability. We will not be held liable for any harm, injury, or damages arsing from the use of the platform
  • In the event of a dispute, will not be held accountable and hence be relieved of any action, demands or claims and from any and/or all loses in any form, including court costs and solicitor fees.

Your representations, commitments and agreed conduct:

  • You agree and confirm that you are legally able to enter into a contract.
  • You agree and confirm that information provided in or through the platform is accurate.
  • You agree to notify us immediately of any breach of your user security.
  • You acknowledge and agree that we as a platform will not be held accountable for any other person accessing your request for a counsellor call back session.
  • You agree, confirm and acknowledge that you are completely liable and responsible for your use of the platform
  • You also acknowledge and wholly agree that we can and will hold you liable for damages or any loss incurred as a result of the use of your Account if accessed by any person whether or not authorised by you, and hence you agree to completely indemnify us for any loss or damage incurred through such action.
  • You agree and confirm you will not access nor use the information or submission form of any other person for any given reason.
  • You agree and confirm that your use of the Platform is for your own personal use only and you are not accessing nor using the platform for any other purposes or for any other person or third party.
  • You agree and confirm you will not disrupt nor interfere with, nor attempt to interfere with any of the platforms systems, servers, infrastructure, or networks in any way or form. You agree and confirm not to obtain unauthorised access to any of our systems, servers, infrastructure or networks in any way or form.
  • You agree and confirm you will not utilise the platform to post, send or deliver advertising and promotional materials, unsolicited emails, malicious code or software, harassment or unlawful behaviour, third party infringements, dangerous, damaging or disruptive content, intellectual property infringement materials, or any materials that encourage, support or finance criminal behaviour or violates relevant and applicable law.
  • Any materials received via the platform you agree to scan for malicious software or viruses prior to opening or utilising the file.

Limitation of Liability

  • You acknowledge and agree that as a platform will not be held liable nor accountable to you or any third party of any form for any damages.
  • You also agree and confirm that aggregate liability for damages from using the platform will not exceed the total sum of money paid to the platform by you in the two months prior to the claim date.
  • As a platform, we disclaim any liability with respect to any claim or action made by a provider, regardless of the claim being related to services or your payment for services, and you agree to indemnify and deem us harmless and removed from any such claim.
  • If the limitation of liability as mentioned above is disallowed by the law, modifications to the limitation with be made to the extent necessary to comply with appropriate law.
  • The limitation of liability extends beyond the expiry or termination of this agreement/these terms and conditions.

Modifications, Interruptions, Disruptions and Termination to the Platform

  • You acknowledge and confirm that we may disrupt, modify, suspend, or discontinue the Platform, any part of the Platform or any use of the Platform, whether it be just to you or to all clients, at any time, with or without notice. In such circumstances, you acknowledge and agree that we will not be liable for any damage or loss incurred by any of the aforementioned.
  • We may terminate or prevent your use of the platform and any services provided through it at our discretion, for any reason, for any time period.
  • We don’t guarantee that the Platform will be error free or uninterrupted, or that it will be timely, consistent and secure at all times. The Platform relies upon various factors such as both hard and software, as well as tool, either our own or that of our contractors and suppliers.

Fees and Payment

  • You confirm and agree to use only payment means (credit cards or others) which you are dully and fully authorized to use.
  • You agree that all transactions will be paid for in advance and that the refund policy will be considered and adhered to in the event of a payment dispute
  • Whilst not permitted, if for some reason an interaction between you and a counsellor is not made through the platform, you acknowledge and agree that the session will be paid for through the platform, and the counsellor will be charged the standard usage fee even if the platform was not used to establish the connection.
  • You agree and formally commit to notifying us immediately if any counsellor solicits private counselling sessions with you without using the platform to establish the connection. You agree to notify us with all relevant details if a counsellor approached you privately or bills/charges you fees outside of the platform

Important notes

  • This agreement in its entirety constitutes an agreement between you and the platform You acknowledge and confirm that you have not been made any promises and not relied upon any representations from us – except those outlined in this agreement.
  • We may post any modifications to this agreement on the platform
  • All changes and modifications will become effective immediately, unless stated otherwise. It is therefore in your best interest to check the terms and conditions of this agreement frequently and regularly. The latest update date will be posted at the base of the agreement.
  • Use of the platform after the date posted at the base of the terms and conditions change constitutes your understanding, acknowledgement and agreement of the changes, and the terms and conditions in their entirety. Therefore you are bound to the changes and the agreement in its entirety.
  • If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, or this agreement, you must not use the site and cease from accessing it in any form.
  • Headings used within this agreement are purely for convenience and cannot be applied in the interpretation of the agreement.
  • Any part or clause in this agreement deemed in the court of law as being illegal, unenforceable, invalid, and/or illegal, will be held on its own and remaining parts and clauses of this Agreement will remain in full effect.
  • As a final note; all clauses with respect to limitations of liabilities and indemnification will exist beyond any termination or expiration of this Agreement.

Last Updated: January 4, 2017

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