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About Us

Who We Are And What We Do

Call Back Counselling is the brainchild of Tina Kendall, an experienced counsellor with a passion to make support easily accessible to all.

Tina has had her own hurdles in life and didn’t like the idea that people in need are going without. Call Back Counselling was established to overcome this. She is passionate about helping others and can speak from experience when it comes to finding services too difficult to access – going without often being the best option at the time.

Knowing too well how quickly things can spiral out of control, Tina established Call Back Counselling to ensure that professional counselling services were readily available to all; at a time and location convenient to them. It has been is built from experience and understanding. It has been built for you.

Our Counsellors


Tina Kendall

Founder & Counsellor

I grew up on a farm. I've lived through droughts, footrot, fire and flood. I've lost people I love dearly and I've struggled through dire finances, difficult babies and life threatening health conditions in my loved ones. I've worked with thousands of kids in my roles as a teacher and counsellor, as well as hundreds of parents and adults of all ages. I get it. I've been there. I thrilled to be able to help you too.

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