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About Call Back Counselling

About Us

What is Call Back Counselling and what does it do?

Call Back Counselling is the brainchild of Tina Kendall, an experienced teacher and counsellor with a passion to make mental health support easily accessible to all.

Tina has had her own hurdles in life and didn’t like the idea that people in need are going without. Call Back Counselling was established to overcome this. She is passionate about helping others and can speak from experience when it comes to finding services too difficult to access – going without often being the best option at the time.

Knowing too well how quickly things can spiral out of control, Tina established Call Back Counselling to ensure that professional counselling services were readily available to all; at a time and location convenient to the client. It has been is built from experience and understanding. It has been built for you.

Meet the counsellor


Tina Kendall

Founder & Counsellor

Growing up on a farm, I completed uni and head overseas, where I travelled and worked. Returning to Australia, I started my teaching career and continued my studies. Completing my studies, I have intertwined working as a teacher and counsellor ever since, working with literally thousands of individual children, as well as many, many adults and families. I love what I do and have always been frustrated that for every client that walked through my door - there were at least ten who couldn't for their own reasons. Trying to eliminated the prohibitive factors that stop people getting help, I tried to remove them - childcare, travel, distance, anonymity - and as such created Call Back Counselling. Thank you for taking the time to check us out. If you need or would like some mental health support - we can help you.

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