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It doesn’t matter if you work 1000 kilometres from anywhere, if you cannot access travel, if you haven’t the time to drive to an appointment or you can’t find care for your kids. Call Back Counselling offers you a professional, confidential and private option to accessing mental health support, anywhere, any time.

Simply go to the make a booking page, submit the request form, and we’ll do the rest. We’ll email to confirm your booking then call you at the specified time for your appointment. Accessing the best, highly professional and completely confidential counselling services really is that simple!

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We are here to help. We are experienced and professional. You are safe and secure working with us and it really is very easy. Experience the happiness and peace of mind you deserve – and let us help you get there faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Call Back Counselling?

Call Back Counselling is a service by which you can access professional counselling services from the comfort and privacy of your own space. You determine the most suitable time and we call you. No travel, no inconvenience, no hassle.

What is Telephone Counselling?

Telephone Counselling mimics face-to-face counselling, however services are provided over the phone.

Are the counsellors at Call Back Counselling qualified?

Yes. All counsellors at Call Back Counselling are fully trained and qualified.

Which counsellor will I get?

After you request a booking, we will aim to match you with the counsellor who has the most experience in the area for which you seek assistance. If you choose not to disclose this in your booking request, we will assign you to a counsellor who is available at one of the times you have specified. You do have the option of requesting the same counsellor should you wish to book another appointment – in the same way that you can request a different counsellor from your first if you so choose.

Is Call Back Counselling right for me?

Yes. Anyone can access Call Back Counselling and experience quality professional counselling services.

I submitted my application for an appointment. How long until my counselling appointment will be confirmed.

In most cases, Call Back Counselling will confirm your appointment time within 24 hours during week days.

How will I hear back from Call Back Counselling?

We will respond to your request for an appointment by email. For those clients who share an email and wish to keep their session private, we suggest setting up your own free email account and using this as your preferred method of contact.

How do live phone sessions work?

Live phone session mimic face to face counselling – only over the phone. Once your appointment time has been confirmed, a counsellor will call you from a private or blocked number at that time. Your session will last for up to one hour.

Note, if you don’t answer, the counsellor will call you again at 5 minutes past the original time, your session length being reduced by 5 minutes. If you miss this call, your counsellor will try again 5 minutes later, 10 minutes past the original time. Again, your maximum session time will be reduced. Failing this connection, your counsellor will try one final time, five minutes later – 15 minutes after the original specified time. At this stage, should you not answer the phone no further attempts will be made to reach you for your session. This is to protect clients who find themselves in a situation where they are unable to speak freely or comfortably. Unfortunately, as the counsellor will require payment for this session, you cannot be refunded if you do not answer the booked call.

Once a phone connection has been established, you can talk at your own leisure. You will experience professional counselling and support. You will not be harassed or hurried. The call will flow at your pace and within your comfort zone.

How many sessions do I need to have?

You will determine the number of sessions you choose to engage in. You can have one or as many as you choose – there is no limit.

Please note that many clients struggle to speak openly and freely when new to counselling. Therefore, more than the one session is often beneficial. However, you will not be forced to return to the service nor asked to book another session. We will support you in your choices and leave this decision to you.

How often can I use Call Back Counselling?

As often as you like. There are no limits. You can use it when and as often as you choose.

How do I pay for my session?

When you book a request, you will be asked to provide payment, which will be processed immediately. You are able to request a refund up to 24 hours prior to your session. You are also able to change your booking times up to 24 hours prior to your session.

Can I get a refund for my session if I am unhappy?

It is difficult to refund an expired session; however if you’re unhappy with the service you were provided, please contact us and we can discuss this with you. In certain circumstances we may be able to provide you with a second session free of charge with another counsellor.

How many sessions can I have with my counsellor?

As many as you like! There is absolutely no limit to the number of sessions you can book, or the timeframe between which you can book them.

Can I be reimbursed by my private health insurance?

Counselling services are generally not covered by private health insurance and are not covered Medicare.

What is the role of

Call Back Counselling is a platform by which clients can connect with professional counsellors. Counselling services are provided by independent mental health providers who work directly with you. They are not employees of Call Back Counselling and the site doesn’t manage them on a professional basis. The aim of the site is that we can provide a platform by which people can access professional counselling services regardless of their location and personal commitments and restraints.

Can I stay anonymous?

Absolutely! We work hard to ensure anonymity for all our clients.

When you request a session, we ask only for a name – we don’t mind if you make it up – and your phone number (this needs to be real). We do not store nor access any of your payment details; therefore we don’t hold any identifying information about you at any time. If you choose to use the service again, you can request the same counsellor if you like – and if this is the case we suggest you use the same name you used in your initial contact, such that you and your counsellor can continue on from when you last spoke.

If in the case your counsellor believes that you or someone you know might be in danger, they are legally obliged to contact emergency services and provide them with the name you have given and your phone number. As professionals this is mandatory report for us and specified in our code of conduct.

How can I get started with Call Back Counselling?

Simply fill out a request form and we will contact you via email to confirm a time as soon as possible.

I’m a qualified counsellor. How can I provide services using Call Back Counselling?

Please contact us through the site and we will contact you.

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