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Shearing for mates!

Shearing for mates!

I went to a fabulous event yesterday – Music 4 Mates. Hosting a whole day of fun and providing lots of information, the main attraction was an amazing young man who completed a 12 hour Shear-a-Thon. Starting at 7am, completing 2 hour runs with a 1/2 hour break in between each and finishing at 7pm, Jarrod Edyvean shore for a mate. And he shore for us to start a conversation. The simple act of talking to mates and loved ones can save lives. Reach out to those around you and ask them if they are okay or if they need someone to talk to. Please don’t be afraid that you will make things worse – you won’t. Instead, you might just save a life.

If Jarrod can shear for a day – we can talk for a minute. Reach out to everyone you love and care about and ask “are you okay?”