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Is Call Back Counselling right for you?

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Is Call Back Counselling right for you?

Can’t see the point of counselling?

Sometimes life is tough. Really tough! For whatever the reason, we can all benefit from counselling during various times in our lives.

Counselling is your opportunity to talk through your concerns or worries with a professional person who is totally removed from your family and social group. It is your time to ‘lighten the load’ in an anonymous and safe environment.

Life is a constantly moving roller coaster. Roller coasters are fun and enjoyable for the most part – but can be the most terrifying ride ever at times. Just like we have no control over the ride, sometimes we can feel the same about our lives too. For different reasons at different times, life is tough on all of us. We readily seek support for a broken bone, a viral infection, a toothache. Why is it that we hesitate to seek support for the times in life when it seems all too difficult to cope?

At Call Back Counselling, we provide professional support – in your space, in your time. All you need is good reception.

We are here to support you and we can help you get your life back on track. Once you make the call that you would like some support – the rest is easy. We call you. You stay where you feel most comfortable and get professional support at a time specified by you.